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Our Core values

Develop long-term relationships by tailoring solutions through innovation and technology.

Global solutions based company.

Strengthen our faith to overcome our fears so that success will replace failure.

 "Saving Lives" by putting safety first.


We imagined a World over 20 years ago where state of the art products and innovative technology solutions would fundamentally alter the way we protect and save lives. Driven by our vision, MPI has positioned itself as a global solutions based company. Our Intelligent Safety System utilizes satellite-based RF technology to save lives supported by complex algorithms.


Our culture is driven by believing in people to be their best selves, have fun and make a difference. Our unwavering courage and confidence galvanized by our people led customer-profit strategy will ensure that our company is able to continue evolving, enhancing its differentiated position within its niche market segments for all stakeholders.


Inspired by our vision of protecting the “gift of life”, Our story began in 1998 with our first safety beacon followed by reverse alarms within the Mining and Automotive industries. We subsequently introduced LED Light-bars & sirens to first responders within Emergency, Police and Security segments.


We then saw research, development and implementation into a proliferation of technology solutions ranging from proximity detection, collision avoidance, tracking and camera solutions, in addition to our more recently engineered fatigue management solutions.


As we soldier on our journey to make a difference, we remain committed to our philosophy of saving lives. The next decade will see MPI leverage disruptive technologies, Artificial intelligence and from the Internet of things to the Internet of Everything, to ensure ground-breaking technologies supported by qualified passionate teams to help save lives.


Whilst saving lives remains of paramount importance, we will ensure that our tailor-designed products and solutions also concurrently peak to unlock commercial value for our customers.


MPI’s core values represent the soul of our company and underpin the way we work together to exceed our customer expectations through integrity, passion, innovation and growth.


As we strengthen our faith to overcome our fears, we will rise to greater heights.

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Our Core values

Our cultural values

Our culture is led by an investment in people who can be their best self whilst concurrently making a difference and having fun.

We drive our people to become exceptional leaders by constantly leveraging their strengths and understanding their highest values.

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