Our innovative design, engineering, and development of Vehicle Detection System (VDS) used on trackless Mobile machinery as well as personal detection system (PDS) for pedestrians is seeing MPI Mining emerge as a leading producer of collision avoidance systems in South Africa with over 3000 VDS and 6000 PDS units commissioned over the last 2 years. Our company has been focused on providing safety solutions over the last 20 years with its quality backed mine light bars, beacons, backup alarms, and other related mining safety equipment for earthmoving vehicles MPI’s investment in collision avoidance was inevitable owning to the inter-relationship with out mission statement of “saving lives”.

MPI is currently aligning with OEM/Braking providers for braking and derailing of vehicles to ensure out collision avoidance systems is integrated and compliant. We are confident that out Collision Avoidance systems will be Level 9 compliant by 20 June 2019. Whilst safety has and will continue to be the axis of which MPI rotates, we are equally passionate in driving productivity and efficiency on mines through intelligent performance reporting and analytics.

Our teams at MPI Mining solutions are extremely excited to continue partnering with our mining customers, distributors, and OEM’s through the required state gates necessary for DMR Level 9 compliance as we leverage compelling Collision Avoidance proposition, flexible local manufacturing to our customer ranging from the smallest quarry to the largest mine.




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